School Nightmare

School Nightmare is a top-down “stealth”  game created for the 2015 Global Game Jam. The theme for the jam was “What do we do now?” so we decided to make a game about waking up in school without any clothes. We thought this was a pretty common nightmare. However, after having to explain the game to people it didn’t seem as common as we had thought. Awkward.

As the only programmer in a team of 3, I was responsible for implementing all gameplay features. Most of the weekend was spent working on the AI for the teachers in the game. The teachers patrol the school trying to catch the player before he can escape. The teachers have 4 possible states; stationary, patrolling, wandering or chasing. This gave plenty of freedom to the level designer when adding teachers to the level. Teachers could be placed at their desk in class, Given a specific path to patrol or just left to their own devices. To make the levels more interesting we tried to make as many objects physics enabled as possible. This made for some interesting interactions when moving around the level. It was especially entertaining to watch the AI barrel through desks, chairs and plants to catch the player.

In the end, I was impressed with what we had achieved in such a small amount of time, especially for our first game jam. The silly AI, detailed sprites, and well-built levels all came together to create an entertaining little game.

Team: Georgi Trenev, Thomas Fyfe, Michael Daltrey.


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