Project Journal – Feasibility demo

On Monday this week was my feasibility demo. It was a pretty relaxed conversation with my supervisor, going over some of the work I have done so far. The key points were the literature review and the current progress made with the engine. Overall I think it went well. She seemed impressed with what I had achieved so far and I think I was able to demonstrate my understanding of the subject matter.

In preparation for the demo, I created an online plan for the project. The project is split into stories for each feature that needs to be implemented. The stories are then split into tasks with time estimates for completion. This gives clear deadlines for each deliverable feature. The plan should help to keep the project on track. Each morning I will be able to update the hours spent on each task and the expected time left to completion. You could spend an infinite amount of time trying to perfect each feature, keeping track of the time spent will help to stop this.

The assessment brief states that the purpose of the feasibility demo is to “demonstrate progress in your project to prove that it is at a stage that deems it Feasible“. In previous feedback, I have been told that the project is very ambitious. I hope that the artefacts I demonstrated have shown that the project is feasible and that I am capable of completing the work. Looking at the assessment criteria I think I should be able to get a good grade. The four criteria are as follows:

  • Grasp of subject matter
  • Capacity for original and creative enquiry
  • Ability to critically evaluate, analyse and synthesise and integrate complex information
  • Communication skills
I have been able to show a grasp of the subject matter through the literature review and a discussion about the requirements for the framework. I think I was also able to communicate my own thoughts clearly. I am less certain about criteria 2 & 3. The literature review contains notes about each possible reference so in some way that demonstrates critical analysis and evaluation. The literature review also covers a wide range of information not directly related to the core area of research. Hopefully, this demonstrates creative enquiry but I’m not too sure if that’s what it means by creative enquiry. Anyway, I will find out if I have done enough in two weeks time.
This week I have spent some time working on the framework, fixing bugs in the renderer and adding additional debug options to the application. I will discuss these changes more in a separate journal entry.

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