Project Journal – Proposal feedback

Last week I was busy working on assignments so didn’t find the time to update my journal. So this entry will cover my thoughts from last week and this week.

Last Tuesday the grades came in for the project proposals. I managed to get 4.0/4.5 which I was happy with. My feedback said:

Excellent proposal. Might be a bit ambitious but a reasonable contingency plan is in place. The performance characteristics could have been explained in a little more detail. Some technical terms e.g oracles were introduced but not explained. The punctuation was a bit messed up around inserted references. Overall a well conceived and designed study.

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was worried that due to my growing familiarity with the subject I would fail to explain some sections in enough detail. I did really gloss over the “oracles” which are a key technical detail of the algorithm. When writing the dissertation I will break down the technical details for a thorough explanation. Focusing on the reasoning of why they are used trying to build up from their most basic components. This is going to be important in producing a good dissertation as the marker will need to understand what I am talking about without having to read through all related research papers. This is especially important when using jargon like “oracles”.

I also need to read over some Harvard referencing guides to ensure that I am referencing properly. I used quite a lot of references in the proposal so it was likely down to laziness that caused the punctuation issues. I will also look into software to help manage references for the dissertation as the additional work will require an even greater number of references than was used for the proposal.

It will take a lot of effort to get a better grade on the dissertation. Hopefully, if I can address these problems it should help me get there.


This week is the last week before the feasibility demo (which is scheduled for Monday 5th December). I am still not sure what exactly I will need to take for the demo. I have the framework which I have been working on which will be the key talking point. Also, the literature review will hopefully get me some bonus points. In the proposal, I included a Gantt chart that mapped out the expected completion dates for tasks. I am going to attempt to break each of the larger tasks down into smaller tasks to create a development plan for the entire project. These 3 items combined should help to prove that I understand the scope of the project and that I am capable and prepared to carry out the required work.

I have 2 weeks before I head back home where I no longer have access to a development machine. In this time I will attempt to get as far as possible with the project development. Focusing on improving the usability of the framework as well as getting started on the planned tasks. I planned 4-6 days to add a deferred rendering pipeline to the framework. I aim to hopefully get most of this completed in the available 2 weeks putting me at a time advantage when returning next semester.

To keep myself focussed over the Christmas break I will try to read some of the example dissertations available on blackboard. This should give me ideas of how I want to structure my own dissertation and get me in the mindset ready to begin work on it ASAP. The sooner I can get an early draft completed the more feedback I can get from my supervisor.

In next week’s journal, I will address any issues raised in the feasibility demo and discuss any development progress.


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