Project Journal – Ethics

Not much has happened this week with regards to my honours project. The lectures are now drop-ins and the workshops have finished. I did, however, have to fill out the ethics approval form.

Since my project does not require any human participation the ethics process was very simple. In the end, it took less than a minute. I can’t see any way that it would be rejected so everything looks like it is in good shape for the end of the semester. The only things left are the feasibility demo and the risk assessment form. I have already discussed the feasibility demo a couple of weeks ago, I will come back to discuss it closer to the deadline. The risk assessment form should be as simple as the ethics form. Most research projects conducted within AMG will likely be conducted at the university or at home so there is very little chance of risk. The risk assessment does need to be signed by the supervisor which will require meeting in person. As we are both busy at the moment this can wait until week 13/14 when we will need to meet for the feasibility demo.

Next week I should receive feedback on the proposal. I will discuss what I thought of the feedback and how I plan to address any major issues. Until then I will continue to focus on my other major assignment.


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