Project Journal – Proposal submitted

Yesterday was the deadline for proposal submission. I am glad that I have finally handed it in as it sets the project in motion. I got some great feedback from my supervisor and was able to make the required changes to the proposal hopefully setting it up to receive a good grade.

Personally, I was happy with the final draft. I believe I did a good job of introducing the project and setting the scene for future development. I feel like I gained a good understanding of the background material while writing the proposal. I believe that I managed to get this across. However, it can be easy to presume an understanding of areas that you are familiar with, potentially resulting in key details being left out of the explanation.

The methodology is the one section I am least pleased with, it didn’t really set a solid plan for the development of the project. There are still some areas that require further investigation leaving some vagueness about the methods to be used. Hopefully, this shouldn’t affect the outcome too badly as I believe I still gave a good explanation of the plan with the information currently available. I look forward to getting some feedback. Hopefully gaining additional insight into the areas I can improve. Specifically, I am hoping to get some feedback on how the project is written and structured, the explanation of the background details, the research methods proposed and the general feasibility of the project. Feedback in these areas will be useful when it comes to writing the dissertation.

As part of the proposal, I created a Gantt chart to plot out the timeline for the project. I feel it could be an ambitious estimation. However, I think with focused work I should be able to manage to hit all of the deadlines. I have attached an image of this chart below the green bars are the latest allowable deadlines for each feature. Showing the latest possible end date for the project. The orange bars are the estimated durations for each task and the vertical blue lines show the start and end of tasks running in parallel.

This is the first Gantt chart I have ever made. I have seen it used effectively in some example proposals and thought it would be a good way of showing the order in which I expect to tackle the project. Making a Gantt chart without any prior understanding of how they should be used or laid out is a little risky but will hopefully turn out well in the end.

No matter the grade I am excited to start the project and begin work on the dissertation. I have already learned a lot while researching for the proposal which I hope will continue in the following semester.

The last couple of weeks has been focussed on the honours proposal so I will need to spend the next couple of weeks focussing on other assignments. I will spend a small amount of time collecting the artefacts I deem necessary for the feasibility demo.


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