Project Journal – Supervisor feedback

Tuesday last week I had my first meeting with my supervisor. I was able to ask plenty of questions and got some great feedback on my proposal and the project in general.

The current scope of the project is relatively broad and very ambitious. For now, this is good as it gives me the flexibility to scale up or down (mostly down) what I want to achieve by the end of the year, it also gives me plenty to write about in the proposal. I have sent the first draft of my proposal to my supervisor which we will discuss at our meeting on Tuesday this week. This gives me a whole week to make alterations and move the content over to the template provided.

My current draft of the proposal is slightly over the specified word limit. I went into a lot of detail about the literature and background supporting the project. Since this is quite a technical project I think this is important as it shows my understanding of the topic and what it requires. I think that I included too much detail about some of the very early background material, which is very interesting but slightly less relevant. Cutting down on this older information would likely get me just under the word limit. It is also possible that I am not making the most of each available word, there is probably a lot of rambling that I can cut out.

Today was another round of project presentations. I slightly regret going in the first session as I now know far more about the project than I did then. However, the additional couple of weeks that I had to address feedback I was given was invaluable.

At the lecture today we were given the requirements for the feasibility demo in week 14. I have a good amount to show so far; The framework,  framework design document, a very detailed literature review and the timeline of expected feature completion dates. In the weeks leading up to the demo, I will find time to polish the debug features and attempt to implement a basic deferred rendering pipeline. In parallel with this practical work, I will likely need to produce a more professional set of design documents for the project. The current documents are very sloppy and were just used as a general guide for myself not intended to be read by others.

By the end of this week, I expect to have the final draft of the proposal completed. I doubt that I will have time to get additional feedback as this is the final week before the deadline. I will then continue work on my next assignment.


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