Project Journal – Proposal document

The deadline for finished proposal documents is now only two weeks away. Last week I spent a couple of hours every day working on the first draft of my proposal. This included time spent researching the proposal topic as well as writing the separate sections of the document.

Having to explain the research in the document has given me a better understanding of the background material. The project now seems a lot less daunting than it did a few weeks ago.

I have found that as I learn more about the background research my project idea warps slightly. I am continuing to write the proposal with the originally intended idea. Currently, I believe that the way I am writing the proposal is too broad and I need to focus it slightly. I will discuss this with my supervisor to see what they think is best.

To make writing the proposal easier I have split the different sections; Abstract, Introduction, Background, Methodology and Summary into their own separate documents. This avoids having to deal with the formatting required for the proposal template, making iteration slightly easier. Eventually, when I am happy with all of the sections I will move them over to the template format, adding references where necessary.

I haven’t continued any practical work this week and likely won’t until the proposal is finished. There are four weeks between the deadline for the proposal and the feasibility demo. I am still not certain what is required for the demo, but I believe that there shouldn’t be too much more to add to what I have done already.

At the start of the semester, I created a list of goals for the renderer that needed to be met before I could start work on the project. Most of these have been met, most of the remaining items are optional. They are as follows:

  • Improve the rendering quality (Shadows, Image based lighting, HDR, etc..)
  • Add post effects pipeline
  • Add deferred rendering path.

The deferred rendering path is the only task that is mandatory. This shouldn’t be too difficult to add but may not be of exceptional quality.

Next week I will continue to work on the proposal. I also hope to meet with my supervisor to discuss the project and hopefully get some feedback on the current draft of the proposal.

The final document and all sections will be available here when they are finished.


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