Project Journal – Feedback week

It’s feedback week this week and there are a few careers workshops lined up. By then end of the week, I should be well prepared to start applying for jobs in the games. In the meantime, I will have plenty of time to continue work on my honours project.

Last week I managed to get most of the work done that I had planned. I added a modern lighting pipeline to the renderer, following similar practices used in UE4 as described in their SIGGRAPH 2013 talk Real Shading in Unreal 4 (available here). It was difficult to check that the results were correct. Anytime I wanted to change a parameter I had to close the application manually change the value and then recompile. I decided that I couldn’t have these issues when I get deeper into the project so I decided that I needed UI that allowed me to change parameters at runtime. So over the past four days or so I have designed and implemented a system to display the scene graph along with any publicly controllable parameters (e.g. Scene node position, rotation or scale, Material roughness, colour, opacity, etc…). Along with this, I plan to add a set of global parameters for miscellaneous debug information.

Taking those additional four days to work on the renderer meant that I didn’t have time to start work on the proposal. So, I am dedicating my time this week to the proposal. I hope that by the end of the week I can have a very rough draft to begin iteration. If I can do this hopefully whatever tutor I am assigned will have time to look it over and give some feedback to help improve the overall quality of the document.

Below I have attached a GIF of the debug panel to change the position of a scene node. A UX designer would probably throw up if they saw it but it works. It is quite bare at the moment but over time I can add more properties and additional functionality if it is needed.


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