Project Journal – Proposal presentation

Today was the first day of presentations for Honours Project Scoping and Proposal. My presentation seemed to go down well, however, there was just one question that threw me off. “What are you adding to this area of research?” David King rightly pointed out that with my current research question I was doing the exact same research as given in the 2016 paper I was basing the project off of. I know that I want to implement the techniques used in the paper so I will just need to find a way to reword the question or change the focus of the project. I will see if I can figure out what to do for next week.

The other projects presented today were all very well thought out and covering some exciting topics. The showcase is going to be very interesting.

In my last journal entry, I said that by the following week I would have a list of references to use for the presentation and to also continue work on the framework to add support for loading 3D assets. I did manage to get all of this done but it has instead taken two weeks. The literature review I have uploaded to OneDrive and it is available to view here. In total, I collected 57 potentially useful references in a few different areas relevant to the project. I doubt that I will use all of them probably not even half of them but it will save me some searching when I am writing my proposal and dissertation. I will continue to update this document when I find other useful resources.

I did also manage to get asset importing working with the use of the Open Asset Import Library. There are still some minor bugs that need fixing but it is mostly done.

For next week I plan to have given some thought about where I am going with the project. I will try to confirm that with what I am currently doing there is enough scope to put my own work into the area without copying the reference papers.

I also plan to make some sort of start on the proposal which is due in at the start of November. Only four weeks away.

Finally, I plan to fix any bugs I can find in the asset importing and mess around with a few BRDFs to get the rendering quality up to par.

Here is Seymour rendered in the framework.

A view of the 3D model Seymour rendered in my Dissertation engine


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